5182 Aluminium Sheet

5182 aluminium plate
5182 aluminium plate

5182 Aluminum Sheet for Sale

Temper: O/H111/H19/H48

Width: 800mm-2250mm

Length: Under 11000mm

Thickness: 0.2mm-170mm

Sample: A4 Size

Standard: GB/T3190-2008,GB/T3880-2006,ASTM B209,JIS H4000-2006,etc

5182 Aluminum Coil with PE Film
5182 Aluminum Coil with PE Film

5182 aluminium sheet is popular in the aluminium sheet market. It has more magnesium content than other 5000 series aluminium magnesium alloy plates. There are about 4.0%-5.0% magnesium content. And its strength is also higher than them. Our 5182 aluminum alloy plates are corrosion resistant and have good form-ability. Besides, it is suitable for you to weld it buy using gas welding, argon arc welding, spot welding, seam welding methods and so on.

For your reference, there are many customers utilize the 5182 alloy for automobile manufacturing. It is helpful for the automobile lightweight development. Moreover, it is also an ideal material for the aluminium beverage can making. Our company has various 5182 alu with different tempers, thickness and width for your requirements. For your 5182 aluminum sheets purchasing needs, please contact us. We can provide you high quality aluminum plate sheets at factory price.

Chemical Content of 5182 Aluminum

Aluminum No. Mn Fe Mg Si Cr Cu Zn Ti Others: Each Others: Total Al: Min.
5182 0.2%~0.5% 0.35 4%~5% 0.2% 0.1% 0.15% 0.25% 0.1% 0.05% 0.15% Balance

What are the applications of Wanda 5182 aluminium sheet?

5182 aluminum plates are light weight. And because of the corrosion resistance and some other properties, it is usually used to manufacture fuel tanks, car manufacturing, ships, etc. For your different applications, we can recommend you different tempers and thickness of 5182 aluminum. And there are aluminum coil rolls for you as well. Here are some popular applications of our different 5182 aluminium alloys.

5182 aluminum plate for car making

In general, the 5182 aluminum is often used for making car fender, automobile hood and car doors. 5182 aluminium has excellent corrosion resistance, weld-ability, and processing performance. At the same time, when the car engine works, the 5182 aluminium car hood can decrease the noise and it is helpful for isolating the heat.

Our 5182 alu alloy plates have stable properties. The stamping effects are good. There will be no cracks after stamping. Utilizing it for car door manufacturing, it can resist impact and protect the person.

5182 aluminium for car, beverage can, tank body
5182 aluminium for car, beverage can, tank body

5182 alu alloy plates for beverage cans

Making beverage cans is a key application of Wanda 5182 aluminum. It is specially used for beverage can lid and can ring-pull tab manufacturing. Our company have been provided 5182 aluminum for cans for many years. The Red Bull is also one of our cooperative partners. The use ratio of our 5182 aluminium can lid stocks is high. It has good reputation among our customers. For your reference, our 5052 aluminium magnesium sheets are also applicable for beverage can lids making business.

5182 aluminium magnesium alloy sheet for tank making

Aluminium is popular for making tank body now. Wanda provides 5454 aluminum, 5182 aluminum plates and 5083 alloy for you. These three aluminium alloys are applicable for you. According to your requirements on the properties, you can choose the most suitable one. And we can also recommend for you.

5182 Aluminum Plate Specification
5182 Aluminum Plate Specification

How does Wanda Pack the Aluminium Sheet and Coil Products?

Purchasing aluminium sheets and coil rolls from Wanda, you do not need to worry about the goods’ quality. Generally, we choose shipping for transporting. There may be some cracks. While, choosing Wanda Aluminium, there will be no problems during the transportation. Because we apply high configured packing materials for making sure the steadiness, flatness and good surface. You can get the high quality goods with no cracks.

  1. We utilize protective film and paper for protecting the surface of aluminium sheets and coil rolls. At the same time, there are also plastic or kraft paper for wrapping the products, which is helpful for moisture proofing and rain proofing.
  2. Before we put the packed aluminium sheets and coil into the container, we use the wooden pallet for strengthening the wrapped aluminium products. Meanwhile, there are also steel belt, which can also improve the steadiness and avoid collision. For your information, our wooden pallets are also marked with fumigation.
  3. Our company put the dryer agent into the containers. It is helpful for avoid the goods being moist, making sure the quality.

Wanda Aluminum Sheet Packing Details
Wanda Aluminum Sheet Packing Details

Product Temper Thickness Width Length
5182 Aluminium Sheet O, h111, h19, h48 0.2mm-170mm 800mm-2250mm Under 11000mm
5182 Aluminum Coil O, h111, h19, h48 0.2mm-6mm 800mm-2250mm Coil

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