5454 aluminium sheet

5454 aluminium sheet
5454 aluminium sheet

5454 Aluminum Sheet

Temper: O/H111/H321

Width: 800mm-2250mm

Length: Under 11000mm

Thickness: 0.2mm-170mm

Sample: A4 Size

Standard: GB/T3190-2008,GB/T3880-2006,ASTM B209,JIS H4000-2006,etc

What is 5454 aluminium?

5454 aluminium coil
5454 aluminium coil

Aluminum 5454 belongs to 5000 series aluminium magnesium alloy with good rust resistance. 5454 aluminum has higher magnesium content and manganese content than 5052 aluminum. These makes 5454 has better corrosion resistance and anti-rust ability. Especially, it is applicable for using in seawater. The density of aluminium 5454 sheets is about 2.69g/cm³. Besides, its strength is also 20 percent higher than 5052. Its properties are similar with 5154 aluminum. While, compared with 5154 aluminium alloy, the anti-corrosion ability of 5454 alu is better. Most of our customers utilizes Wanda 5454 aluminum alloy in some environment, which needs high rust resistance. For example, you can apply 5454 aluminum for manufacturing marine facilities pipelines, aluminium tank body, automobile wheel hubs and so on.

Chemical Content of 5454 Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum Alloy Mn Fe Mg Si Cr Cu Zn Ti Others: Each Others: Total Al: Min.
5454 0.5%~1.0% 0.4% 2.4%~3.0% 0.25% 0.05%~0.20% 0.1% 0.25% 0.2% 0.05% 0.15% Banlance

Features of aluminum 5454 for making aluminum tank body

One of the 5454 aluminum plate applications is tank body making. Our 5454 h111 aluminum plates, 5454 O temper aluminum are popular in tank body manufacturing business. Using 5454 aluminium for tank cylinder manufacturing, it is helpful for lightweight development. Wanda has different sizes for you to choose.

  1. When you utilizing 5454 for further processing, there will be less cracks. Because the 5454 aluminium alloy has less hard and brittle compounds.
  2. The aluminium alloy 5454 has good plasticity and formality.
  3. 5454 has better corrosion resistance than steel. And using the 5454 aluminum sheet for making tank body, it can transport various liquid or liquefied gas.
  4. The conductivity of Wanda 5454 is excellent. This property helps decrease the occurrence of explosion when crashing.
  5. For your welding processing requirements, 5454 is a good choice. It has nice weldbility. Whether you applying arching or some other welding methods, it is applicable. Meanwhile, the welding cracks are fewer.
  6. Applying 5454 aluminum for making tank body, the ductility is excellent. The petroleum will be expansion and contraction easily under the extreme cold or hot conditions. Using the ordinary tank, it is prone to explosion because of the ductility. While, the aluminum tank body improves the safety.
  7. Aluminium alloy tank has high recycling value.

Wanda 5454 aluminum for tank making
Wanda 5454 aluminum for tank making

How does 5454 aluminium sheets help automobile lightweight development?

Nowadays, the lightweight car is a tendency in the market. Whether for the passengers cars, buses or tank cars, etc., people want to buy lightweight cars. Especially, the aluminium alloy tank cars has large demands. The 5454 alloy sheets are low density. Utilizing aluminum 5454 alloy sheets instead of carbon steel, it takes advantages of the 5454 aluminium lightweight performance. Generally, the aluminium tank truck weight will be 3000kg to 4000kg less than the carbon steel tank truck. It can loads 20 percent more than carbon steel tankers. At the same time, this decreases the fuel consumption and tire wear during the transportation. Thus, the maintenance expense is also reduced. At the same time, it also improves the mechanical property, corrosion resistance and heat dissipation performance of fuel tanks. Thereupon, it prolongs the tanks truck service life.

5454 aluminum specification
5454 aluminum specification

How does Wanda Pack the Aluminium Sheet and Coil Products?

Purchasing aluminium sheets and coil rolls from Wanda, you do not need to worry about the goods’ quality. Generally, we choose shipping for transporting. There may be some cracks. While, choosing Wanda Aluminium, there will be no problems during the transportation. Because we apply high configured packing materials for making sure the steadiness, flatness and good surface. You can get the high quality goods with no cracks.

  1. We utilize protective film and paper for protecting the surface of aluminium sheets and coil rolls. At the same time, there are also plastic or kraft paper for wrapping the products, which is helpful for moisture proofing and rain proofing.
  2. Before we put the packed aluminium sheets and coil into the container, we use the wooden pallet for strengthening the wrapped aluminium products. Meanwhile, there are also steel belt, which can also improve the steadiness and avoid collision. For your information, our wooden pallets are also marked with fumigation.
  3. Our company put the dryer agent into the containers. It is helpful for avoid the goods being moist, making sure the quality.

Wanda Aluminum Sheet Packing Details
Wanda Aluminum Sheet Packing Details

Product Temper Thickness Width Length
5454 Aluminium Sheet O, h321, h111 0.2mm-170mm 800mm-2250mm Under 11000mm
5454 Aluminium Coil O, h321, h111 0.2mm-6mm 800mm-2250mm Coil

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