Aluminium sheet for cookware making

Wanda aluminium for cookware making
Wanda aluminium for cookware making

Aluminium sheet for cookware making

Aluminium No. : 1050/1100/3003

Width: 800mm-2250mm

Length: Under 11000mm

Thickness: 1mm-5mm

Sample: A4 Size

Why use aluminium for cooking pot manufacturing?

3003 aluminium for cookware
3003 aluminium for cookware

Recently, using aluminium for cooking pot making is popular in the market. The 2015 data of the Cookware Manufacturers Association shows that, the aluminium cookware takes about 60 percent sales among all the cookware in the USA market. It means that, most of people prefer using aluminium cookware for cooking in the daily life. Yet how much do you know about the aluminium cooking pot? Do you know the reason of using aluminium cookware?

  • The aluminium has good heat conduction. Compared with stainless steel cookware, the heat dissipation performance of aluminium cookware is better, about 15 times as quick as stainless steel. For your cooking, it performs better on the food.
  • Aluminium has light weight. Utilizing aluminium for cooking pot manufacturing, the weight is about one third of the stainless steel cooking pot. Thus, it is easy for people to use.
  • The aluminium alloy utensil has excellent performance on the rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Because there are no Fe content, which will be rust easily.

Which aluminium alloy are applicable for your cookware making?

Wanda Aluminium is an experienced aluminium sheet manufacturer. There are various aluminium alloy and pure aluminium for you to choose. We have different sizes, thickness and width for your reference. For your cooking pot manufacturing business, our 1000 series aluminium and 3003 aluminium alloy are suitable for your utensil production. 1000 series pure aluminium is the most economic material in our factory. Its chemical content is simple. There are above 99% aluminum content. While, its strength is lower than some other aluminium alloys. Generally, our utensil manufacturing customers utilize 3003 aluminium manganese for production. The 3003 aluminum has higher strength than pure aluminium. Meanwhile, its rust resistance is good. It is also called antirust aluminium. Whether your need pure aluminium or higher strength 3003 aluminium sheets, we can provide for you. By the way, our company can also offer aluminium circles.

Aluminium for utensil making
Aluminium for utensil making

What are the prices of Wanda aluminium for cooking utensil manufacturing?

Making cooking utensil, both our pure aluminium and 3000 series aluminum manganese alloy are applicable. We have aluminium plain sheets, aluminium coil rolls and aluminium discs for your reference. Generally speaking, the prices depend on the aluminium sheet width and alloy No. For example, our 2000mm aluminium sheets are more expensive than the 1500mm aluminium. Besides, the aluminium number is also an important factor. Different aluminium number means different chemical content. The 1000 series pure aluminum is simple. Its main chemical content is the aluminium. And the 3003 aluminium alloy has manganese content except for the aluminium. Thus, the 3003 aluminium has higher price than the 1000 series aluminium for your cookware making. Whether you want to buy the 1000 series or 3000 series aluminium, we can offer you factory price.

How does Wanda Pack the Aluminium Sheet and Coil Products?

Purchasing aluminium sheets and coil rolls from Wanda, you do not need to worry about the goods’ quality. Generally, we choose shipping for transporting. There may be some cracks. While, choosing Wanda Aluminium, there will be no problems during the transportation. Because we apply high configured packing materials for making sure the steadiness, flatness and good surface. You can get the high quality goods with no cracks.

  1. We utilize protective film and paper for protecting the surface of aluminium sheets and coil rolls. At the same time, there are also plastic or kraft paper for wrapping the products, which is helpful for moisture proofing and rain proofing.
  2. Before we put the packed aluminium sheets and coil into the container, we use the wooden pallet for strengthening the wrapped aluminium products. Meanwhile, there are also steel belt, which can also improve the steadiness and avoid collision. For your information, our wooden pallets are also marked with fumigation.
  3. Our company put the dryer agent into the containers. It is helpful for avoid the goods being moist, making sure the quality.

Wanda Aluminum Sheet Packing Details
Wanda Aluminum Sheet Packing Details

Aluminium No. Main Ingredient Thickness Width Length
1050 Aluminium Aluminium 1mm-5mm 800mm-2250mm Under 11000mm or Coil
1100 Aluminium Aluminium 1mm-5mm 800mm-2250mm Under 11000mm or Coil
3003 Aluminium Aluminium and Manganese 1mm-5mm 800mm-2250mm Under 11000mm or Coil

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