Diamond Aluminium Chequered Sheet

Diamond Aluminium Sheet
Diamond Aluminium Sheet

Diamond Aluminium Checker Plate

Temper: H114

Width: 800mm-2250mm

Length: Under 11000mm

Thickness: 1.5mm-8mm

Sample: A4 Size

Standard: GB/T3190-2008,GB/T3880-2006,ASTM B209,JIS H4000-2006,etc

What is diamond aluminium sheet?

Wanda diamond patterned aluminium
Wanda diamond patterned aluminium

Diamond aluminium sheet is a kind of aluminium checker plates. There are diamond pattern on the surface of aluminium sheets. And you can also call it one bar aluminium sheets. Generally, our customers use it for making pedal, too box and so on. Wanda offers you different aluminium alloy diamond one bar sheets.

For example, for your high budget and strong strength requirements, there are 5000 series for you. And our 3003 aluminum diamond sheets are popular because of its price is moderate with moderate strength. While, our 1000 series pure aluminium diamond is also an economic choice, if you do not mind the strength.

For your reference, our company provides stucco embossed aluminium and 5 bar pattern aluminium as well. Meanwhile, if you need some other types of aluminium checkered plate, it is alternative for you in Wanda.

If you want to know more about our diamond aluminium or some other aluminium sheets, please contact us now!

What are the benefits of using Wanda diamond aluminium sheet?

Anti slipping is an important reason for using diamond aluminium checker plates. The raised diamond patterns helps improve the traction. Using it for floor, stair, pedal, this highly decreases the accidents. You can use it in your truck trailer, ramps, running board, loading docks and so on. Except for these, it is also popular in some amusement equipment.

Applying the diamond aluminium in the kitchen, the diamond aluminium will be easy for you to clean it. You can wipe it conveniently. At the same time, whether you use the harsh chemicals or cleaning products, there is no problem. Thus, there are many industrial kitchens, washroom and some walk-in refrigerators manufacturers using the diamond aluminium tread plate.

Wanda has various diamond pattern aluminium chequered plates for your reference. They have bright surface. Especially, our 1000 series pure aluminium are brighter. Utilizing our bright diamond aluminum plate for decoration, it will be attractive. Besides, we also offer you colored aluminium sheets with diamond pattern, 5 bar pattern and so on.

Aluminium diamond checker plates have excellent rust and corrosion resistance. It can meet your needs on some bad environment. And the aluminium one bar chequered sheet is lighter than the steel diamond.

Diamond aluminium sheet application
Diamond aluminium sheet application

Applications of diamond pattern aluminium

It is key for us to anti slip in our daily life. You can see our diamond aluminium in many places. It plays roles in construction, transportation, military usages, etc. For construction, you can process it for curtain wall making, ceilings. And it is applicable for you to use it as heat insulation wall. Besides, it protects the wall. The other main application is for transporting vehicle. In bus bodies, shipping, aviation and air-cargo containers, the aluminium diamond sheet has wide using.

  • Curtain Wall, ceiling, heat insulation, kick plate
  • Bus bodies, aviation, shipping and air-cargo container
  • Sports equipment, amusement equipment
  • Military usages
  • Floor, stair, ramps

Diamond aluminium specification
Diamond aluminium specification

How does Wanda Pack the Diamond Aluminium Sheet and Coil Products?

Purchasing aluminium sheets and coil rolls from Wanda, you do not need to worry about the goods’ quality. Generally, we choose shipping for transporting. There may be some cracks. While, choosing Wanda Aluminium, there will be no problems during the transportation. Because we apply high configured packing materials for making sure the steadiness, flatness and good surface. You can get the high quality goods with no cracks.

  1. We utilize protective film and paper for protecting the surface of aluminium sheets and coil rolls. At the same time, there are also plastic or kraft paper for wrapping the products, which is helpful for moisture proofing and rain proofing.
  2. Before we put the packed aluminium sheets and alu coil into the container, we use the wooden pallet for strengthening the wrapped aluminium products. Meanwhile, there are also steel belt, which can also improve the steadiness and avoid collision. For your information, our wooden pallets are also marked with fumigation.
  3. Our company put the dryer agent into the containers. It is helpful for avoid the goods being moist, making sure the quality.

Wanda Aluminum Sheet Packing Details
Wanda Aluminum Sheet Packing Details

Aluminium No. Temper Thickness Width Length
1050, 1060, 1100 H114 1.5mm-8mm 800mm-2250mm Under 11000mm or Coil
3003 H114 1.5mm-8mm 800mm-2250mm Under 11000mm or Coil
5052, 5754 H114 1.5mm-8mm 800mm-2250mm Under 11000mm or Coil

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