What types of aluminium alloys you can use for marine?

Making aluminium boats, there are marine grade aluminium sheets for you to choose. Compared with other aluminium alloys, it has better corrosion resistance and higher strength. For your different ship part using, you can choose different aluminium alloys. Here we have two popular aluminium alloys for your recommendations.

Aluminium 5083 alloy: 5083 aluminum sheet is specially used for boat making. The 5083 h116 alu and 5083 h321 aluminium alloy plates are marine grade with certifications. They have higher strength and better corrosion resistance. And the weldability is good. For your ship building, you can utilize the 5083 aluminium alloy in ship hull, decks and so on.

Aluminium alloy 5052: 5052 aluminum sheet is often popular in ship manufacturing business. It offers good weldability and high strength. As aluminium magnesium alloy sheets, 5052 also has good corrosion resistance. It is often used for making boat hulls and some other structural components.

Both 5052 aluminum and 5083 aluminium plate are light weight and have good resistance to saltwater corrosion. Expect for the 5083 and 5052 aluminium alloys, the 5086, 5754 and 5454 al-mg alloy sheets are applicable for ship making as well. We are professional team with experience. We have many customers, who choose our aluminium alloy for boat manufacturing business. For your ship building requirements, there are many different choices for you in Wanda. You can contact us and we can send the price list for you.

Aluminium Boat
Aluminium Boat

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