Why Use Aluminium Foil Roll for Adhesive Tapes Manufacturing?

Due to the unique combination of properties, aluminum foil is commonly used as a backing material for adhesive tapes manufacturing. Here are some detailed reasons why aluminum foil is often chosen for adhesive aluminium foil tape making:

  1. Barrier Properties: Aluminum foil is impermeable to water vapor and gases. It helps provide an excellent barrier against moisture, light, and odors. This makes it suitable for applications where the tape needs to protect against environmental factors.
  2. Reflectivity: Aluminum foil is highly reflective. It can be advantageous in certain applications. For example, it can be used in tapes for insulation purposes to reflect heat and light.
  3. Conformability: Aluminum foil is malleable and can conform to irregular surfaces. That makes it adaptable for various usages. This is important when the tape needs to adhere to different shapes or surfaces.
  4. Temperature Resistance: Aluminum foil has good temperature resistance. And this makes it suitable for applications where the tape may be exposed to high or low temperatures.
  5. Electrical Conductivity: Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity. Thus, it can be beneficial in applications where electrical conductivity is required.
  6. Tear Resistance: Aluminum foil is relatively strong and tear-resistant, providing durability to the tape.

When using aluminum foil for adhesive tapes, it is essential to consider the adhesive properties as well. The adhesive used should bond well with the aluminum surface and provide the desired level of adhesion to the target substrate. For your adhesive aluminium foil tape factory, you can choose our alu foil rolls. Our company have various aluminium alloys for you to manufacture it well.

Aluminium foil tape features
Aluminium foil tape features

Keep in mind that the specific requirements for adhesive tapes can vary based on the intended application. It’s important to choose the right combination of materials and adhesive properties to meet the performance criteria for the intended use of the tape. If you have any requirements, please send inquiry to us. Whether for the commonly used 8011 aluminum alloy or some other 1000 series pure aluminium, our factory can meet your needs.

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